Stone Pio

Stone Pio

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Rosary with round polished jasper and sodalite Hail Mary beads in non-traditional colors and round black matte finish Labradorite Our Fathers, with a Saint Padre Pio center and a crucifix of nails.

  • Symbolism in This Roary

    Jasper is one of the twelve foundation stones of the New Jerusalem, as written by Saint John in the book of Revelation. The Jasper available and valued at the time of his writing was green-hued, though there are an incredible number of varieties in a variety of colors. It is also named as one of the stones in the breastplate of Aaron, as described in Exodus. It could be highly polished, even long ago, and was used both as a gem and as a medium for sculpted items.


    Sodalite is beautiful blue and white stone that has a recent history, being discovered in Greenland and later northern Ontario. It looks a bit like clouds on a sunny day---a joyful blue. The white parts of the stone are used in this rosary.


    Labradorite was first discovered at Paul’s Island (originally Isle de St. Paul), Labrador. It can have a unique iridescence called Labradorescence that is caused by pairs of crystals aligning in a process called “twinning,” with light refracting in the first and then reflecting off the interior crystal, rather than by direct surface reflection. Labradorite is traditionally gray to gray-blue. The black used here has less of the iridescence, but we used it to be a simple contrast to the lighter color of the other stones.


    Padre Pio was known to have close contact with Jesus and Mary throughout his life on Earth. A Capuchin priest and a stigmatic, he performed many miracles both during his earthly life and after, including healing, bilocation, and knowledge of people's hearts and sins before having met them.  The crucifix of nails brings to mind his stigmata, which he carried throughout most of his adult life.

  • Warranty

    Our goal is to provide you a rosary, not just sell you a rosary. We use only stainless steel eyepins, linkages, and jump rings for both their strength and durability. If there is any defect in the workmanship of a rosary you purchase from us, please let us know, and we will make it right, free of charge, including shipping, within the first year of purchase. Also, for as long as we make rosaries (a lifetime, we hope!), if a rosary we made for you ever has a broken linkage, eyepin, or jump ring, we will be happy to repair it, with cost limited to shipping. Whatever we can do to keep you praying!