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Rosey Grace

Rosey Grace


Rosary with round multicolor dyed howlite Hail Mary beads and rose-shaped metal rose Our Fathers, with a rose-ringed Our Lady of Grace center and an Italian-made flared Saint Benedict crucifix.

  • More About This Rosary

    Howlite is crystalline mineral found in sedimentary rock first identified in 1868 by Henry How, after he was alerted to a nuisance rock in a gypsum mine in Nova Scotia that was difficult to excavate. Because it is porous and naturally white, it is easy to dye, and its veining texture makes it a common substitute for turquoise.


    Roses have been associated with Mary even before the devotion of the rosary, the prayer which represents the garlands of roses she wears in Heaven. They accompany her in several of her apparitions, most famously at La Salette and in the Miracle of the Roses of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Our Lady is often referred to as the Rose Without Thorns.


    Our Lady of Grace’s image is depicted on the Miraculous Medal. Graces pour forth from her hands, if we will only ask for them.


    The Saint Benedict crucifix has a long history and a complex symbolism. The Order of Saint Benedict does the best job clearly explaining the details.