Onyx & Marble

Onyx & Marble


Rosary with round polished black onyx Hail Mary beads and round polished red-laced marble Our Fathers, with a Holy Face of Jesus center and a pardon crucifix.

  • Symbolism in This Rosary

    Onyx was one of the twelve stones of the breastplate of Aaron as well as one of the foundation stones of the New Jerusalem in Revelation. It is mentioned often in the Old Testament, often as a sign of wealth.


    Marble has been used in sculpture and architecture since the earliest classical civilizations. It is referenced in the Bible as a symbol of both wealth and strength. It is a metamorphic rock, created from sedimentary limestone, the refinement of dead and buried carbonate-heavy life, such as shells, into a strong and beautiful white stone.


    The Holy Face of Jesus is an image based on the Shroud of Turin. Devotion to the Holy Face is most associated with Saint Therese of the Child Jesus and of the Holy Face, and she has written many prayers of devotion to Christ’s Holy Face and pinned an image of it over her heart.


    The pardon crucifix was approved by Pope Saint Pius X in 1905 with five different indulgences granted through its use.

  • Warranty

    Our goal is to provide you a rosary, not just sell you a rosary. We use only stainless steel eyepins, linkages, and jump rings for both their strength and durability. If there is any defect in the workmanship of a rosary you purchase from us, please let us know, and we will make it right, free of charge, including shipping, within the first year of purchase. Also, for as long as we make rosaries (a lifetime, we hope!), if a rosary we made for you ever has a broken linkage, eyepin, or jump ring, we will be happy to repair it, with cost limited to shipping. Whatever we can do to keep you praying!