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Czech Fishies

Czech Fishies


Rosary with blue electroplate fire-polished Czech glass Hail Mary beads and painted ceramic fish-shaped Our Fathers, with an Italian-made silver oxide Holy Family center, an Italian-made Holy Trinity crucifix, and linkages carefully crafted in durable stainless steel. First Class USPS shipping is included.

  • More About This Rosary

    Czech has a rich tradition of Bohemian glass making centered in the region of Jablonec nad Nissou. It is known both for its high quality of workmanship and for its distinctive, often vivid use of color. 


    Blue is the color most associated with heaven and the most used color in the Tabernacle of the Temple. The Virgin Mary often wears blue in her apparitions, and it is the color of God’s divine grace.  In the context of this rosary, you might also consider the waters of baptism.


    Fish remind us of the many miracles of Jesus involving fish, whether the many fish caught by the Apostles before Jesus called them to become fishers of people or the dividing of the loafs and fish. They can remind us of the story of Jonah, the wonders of creation, or even remind us to pay our taxes! (You might remember that Jesus sent Peter to retrieve their tax payment from the mouth of a fish.)


    The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph is the model for all Christian families. Their fiat and their lives can inspire our own devotion and our prayers.


    The Holy Trinity crucifix depicts the Father supporting the Son on the Cross, with the Holy Spirit present above them

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