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Cloisonne Ladder

Cloisonne Ladder


This ladder rosary is the most exceptional one we've made so far, with green and white cloisonne Hail Mary beads and blue lampwork glass Our Fathers, with a large Italian-made silver oxide cutout filigree Madonna and Child center, a large Italian-made silver oxide cutout filirgree Mary and John crucifix, and durable linkages carefully crafted in stainless steel. First Class USPS shipping is included.

Note on the cloisonné beads: the majority of the price on this rosary is our material cost. These beads are smooth and beautiful, and each one is a work of art. There are much cheaper “cloisonné” beads available that use hastily glued metallic string instead of the careful wiring used here—-we bought those other beads once and threw most of them away. We are happy to offer this rosary, and we put our hearts into the details on it.