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Apatite for Prayer

Apatite for Prayer


Ladder rosary with round polished apatite Hail Mary beads and round polished AA grade kyanite Our Fathers, with an Italian-made rhinestone-ringed Immaculate Heart of Mary center and an Italian-made large flared crucifix.

  • More About This Rosary

    Apatite is a hexagonal crystal with a Calcium Phosphate base, the same mineral base as our bones. It comes in many colors, though green and blue are the most common used as gemstones. It was used as a pigment in Emperor Qinshihuang’s famous terra cotta army, and is a common source for rare earth elements.


    Kyanite is a striking natural blue gemstone whose names derives from the Greek word for “blue.” It is an index mineral, as it forms only under a specific temperature and pressure. It can exhibit chatoancy, and it often exhibits a range of blues. It has a rare quality of different hardnesses depending on the direction it is struck. Until the 20th Century, it was often mistaken for sapphire.


    The Immaculate Heart of Mary represents Mary’s three-part love---her virginal love for God the Father, her maternal love for God the Son, and her compassion for the entire world.

  • Warranty

    Our goal is to provide you a rosary, not just sell you a rosary. We use only stainless steel eyepins, linkages, and jump rings for both their strength and durability. If there is any defect in the workmanship of a rosary you purchase from us, please let us know, and we will make it right, free of charge, including shipping, within the first year of purchase. Also, for as long as we make rosaries (a lifetime, we hope!), if a rosary we made for you ever has a broken linkage, eyepin, or jump ring, we will be happy to repair it, with cost limited to shipping. Whatever we can do to keep you praying!

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