Advent Prayer

Advent Prayer


Rosary with round polished amethyst, sunstone, and marble Hail Mary beads and round polished carnelian Our Fathers, with a Holy Family center and a stone column crucifix.

  • Symbolism in This Rosary

    Advent is a time of prayer and expectation for the coming of Our Lord on Christmas. This rosary reflects the purples, pink, and white of the advent wreath, with the Holy Family at the center.


    Amethyst is a naturally purple variety of quartz, which is very likely the stone referred to as “crystal” in the Bible. It was prized for its transparent quality and was used to make both gems and lenses. Both Old and New Testaments use it in metaphors to describe things as shining, clear, and smooth. Even in Biblical times it was a common mineral, and it is often used when describing expansive things, like the firmament or the sea.


    Most sunstone is naturally pink. It exhibits a deep-seated shininess called adventurescence. It was considered rare until large deposits were found in both Norway and Siberia. With the Gaudete Sunday, perhaps just think "Sonstone" and be joyful.


    Carnelian, also known as sardius, is the sixth foundation stone of Revelation’s New Jerusalem, and is also used in Revelation to describe the Lord. It has a long history of use by royalty, with a strand of carnelian beads from 3100 BC discovered in Egypt.  


    The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph is the model for all Christian families. Their fiat and their lives can inspire our own devotion and our prayers.

  • Warranty

    Our goal is to provide you a rosary, not just sell you a rosary. We use only stainless steel eyepins, linkages, and jump rings for both their strength and durability. If there is any defect in the workmanship of a rosary you purchase from us, please let us know, and we will make it right, free of charge, including shipping, within the first year of purchase. Also, for as long as we make rosaries (a lifetime, we hope!), if a rosary we made for you ever has a broken linkage, eyepin, or jump ring, we will be happy to repair it, with cost limited to shipping. Whatever we can do to keep you praying!